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Why Kaibizzen?

Holistic and Tailored Coaching – You won’t find a one size fits all, off the shelf product here. We are unique in the marketplace – providing a holistic and tailored approach that focuses specifically on your needs and business goals. Our fully customised approach makes us the purple cow in the industry.

Long-Term Business Plan – You’ll receive a long-term plan, broken down in to 90-day Action-Accountability Plans.Of course, you’re always backed by a team of specialised business coaches who will drive and support you towards your business goals.

No Lock in Contracts – While we’re always focused on the long-term outcomes for you and your business, we work on a month to month basis, so you’re never locked into a plan. We don’t want you to feel trapped into a contract. We believe in our  approach wholeheartedly,and we know our clients find value in our services..

Compassionate Approach –Your life. Your business. You’re in control. We understand that you don’t want a business coach looking over your shoulder and questioning everything you do. At Kaibizzen our business coaches are compassionate but not overbearing. We’ve there for you, so you stay on back to achieve your goals.

Keeping You Accountable – For our services to be effective, it’s important for you to keep with your end of the bargain. While we offer help and guidance along the way, you are ultimately responsible for turning plans into actions. Throughout the process we will keep you accountable and ensure that you are putting everything into your future success.

A Wide Range of Clients – Our Brisbane business consultants help clients from all over the board who work in both blue and white-collar businesses. Whatever your goals may be, most business types and industries will find what they’re looking for here at Kaibzzen.

We Genuinely Care About Your Business – This isn’t just a job for us. We’re genuinely passionate and excited about helping you get the most out of your business. We’re invested in your business, and we want to see it grow and become a success just as much as you do.

Rigorous Application Process – Still not sure if we’re the right fit for where you are at right now? We’ve not have to waste any time of yours. We put everything into helping you achieve your goals and we expect the business coach we work with will do the same. If you believe, you are ready to make a difference in your business and your life – then reach out. We will be upfront and let you whether or not we can help.


  • Simple, Powerful, Results
  • Full access to expert specialist coaching
  • Get your business back to peack performance and your team working to their full capabilities
  • Your coaching is tailored to your business
02 Oct

Panel Discussion

Tuesday, 6:30pm Quest Cannon Hill

What does it take to actually remove yourself from the day-to-day grind of business? Learn from our panel of Business Owners who've Been There, Done That.