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  • Jun 03, 2020
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“As a business owner, why is being my best self important?” you might ask.  

For many, our best self might sound like a luxury rather than a necessity. A new-age fad for those with too much time on their hands. It may even bring up images of tree-hugging hippies or those cheesy self-help books.  It may not sound like something that is important for someone who owns a business. 

After more than 17 years of coaching business owners, my perspective is it’s critically important, but only if you want your business to be able to operate without you being there every single day.  

After such a long time coaching business owners, I know whilst every business owner will say they want a business which affords them the freedom to come and go as they want, few are willing to do the deep personal work necessary to actually achieve the result.  

What does it mean for my business when I am my best self?  

My best self will result in my better leadership of my team.   

I will ensure I have the right people doing the right job at the right time.  

I will be developing my team, making sure they have all the support and resources they need to do their job. 

I will work through issues with them as they arise.   

I will communicate my vision for the business with my team and show them how they fit into that picture.   

My team will feel like they are part of something bigger.   

My team will, in return, give their best.   

Subsequently our clients will be provided the best service and have greater value added to them.  

As a result of all of this, our business will give us the time flexibility and financial rewards we are looking for. 

Our best selves journey 

Are you aware you’re already on a journey to uncovering your best self?  

Have you ever said something akin to “there’s got to be more to life than this”; asked “how can I get better results?”, or perhaps, “how come my employee friends are making more money/having more time off than me,”? 

It’s likely you have, as you’re reading this blog. The moment we start asking more of ourselves, is the moment we take our first tentative steps towards uncovering our best selves. 

As an 18-year old I remember climbing up a solid rock wall in the Grampians in Victoria.  The climb was so steep at times that I was on all 4’s.  It was hard work and many times, I began to question why I’d started.  My husband Rob quite often says of me that I’m like a fox terrier.  Once I get my teeth stuck into something I don’t let go.  So on I’d go, until finally I got to the top.  That feeling was exhilarating and the view was absolutely amazing.  I was so glad that I’d done it.   

And it’s that feeling of exhilaration and amazement that’s worth working for when you’re summiting your own personal mountains.  

Mapping Out The Journey Ahead 

“From the top of the mountain we are able to witness life from a different perspective bringing us new awareness”. – Madisyn Taylor 

When we start the climb there’s not a great amount to see, in fact we can only see where we are right now.  We know instinctively though that from the top of the mountain the views are going to be mind blowing.  And so, we start the climb. 

At some points the climb is steep and the work becomes really difficult.  It’s at these points that some people give up.  “It’s easier to go back to where I was”.  What they don’t realise is that they’ve gained a greater view, a greater insight and therefore things will never be the same as they were before.   

So, at this point, many will make the choice to stay where they are. Sometimes it’s for a season, sometimes it’s forever.  They ignore the calling of the higher views and settle for the comfort of the base camp. In business, this usually looks like an owner who’s finally got some good people in place who have taken some of the load off their plate. They don’t have the time flexibility nor the financial results they’re looking for, but it’s better than what it was. Some business owners chose to stay here, rather than dig in deep to go after the results they truly want. 

Honestly, as a mentor and coach, this is one of my greatest sadnesses – seeing another’s untapped potential, but recognising they are unwilling to be or do what they have to do to uncover it.     

Some however make the choice to restart the climb.  Along the way they stumble, they fall but they get back up and keep going.  Sometimes the track flattens out and the climb becomes less difficult, in fact thoughts like “this is easy” enter their mind.  What it does is give them time to catch their breath, to stop and take in the view.  “Wow, look how far I’ve come” they say.  As Madisyn says however they begin to witness their life, their beliefs, and their habits from a different perspective and a new awareness is gained and with it, how much more there is to be and do in uncovering our best selves. 

The higher up the mountain, the steeper the path, the more challenging the obstacles, the greater the risks. The journey requires greater fitness, greater tenacity, and a greater requirement to stop listening to the little voices in our head.   

“I think I can, I think I can” from the story of the little red engine, or “keep on swimming, keep on swimming” from Finding Nemo must be our mantra.   The little red engine did puff right over the hill and Dory found her way out of the situation she was in! 

The further along the journey we go, the more frequently we must make a choice – “Have I seen as much as I want to see?” Fewer and fewer choose to carry on. 

The higher we go, the more our perspectives are challenged.  However, the result (the views) from our new vantage point become better and better.   

In other words, as a business owner, the higher we go in the journey of being our best selves the greater results we are going to have in our business and our life. 

Some Advice From A Fellow Journey(wo)man 

  1. Your journey is not a race, you can choose the pace of your journey.  You can even stop if that’s what you want to do.  Just make sure it’s a stop to catch your breath, consolidate, with the view to keep on climbing. 
  2. Remember this is your journey.  Not your family’s, your partner, your team.  It’s yours.  Don’t expect anyone else to understand your journey.  Don’t expect them to keep up with you or take the journey with you.  You can ask for their support, but remember they are not on YOUR journey.  They’ve got their own journey and they may even choose not to continue on their own journey for a while or forever.  That’s their choice.  Don’t let their choices detract you from your journey   
  3. The higher your journey takes you, remember there is less and less people.  You will experience times of loneliness and question is it worth it.  It is.  Keep on going! 
  4. Chose which mountains you want to tackle.  A novice climber would not tackle Mt Everest first. 
  5. Everyone who does climb Mt Everest takes a Sherpa with them.  They are trained young men to fully support their climber every step of the journey.  The best way to continue your journey is to take the journey with a coach and mentor helping you.  At Kaibizzen our job with our clients is to challenge them, by asking the tough questions, tougher than they ask themselves; our job is to inspire them to keep on going; our job is to challenge their thinking about their own beliefs and perspectives 
  6. The journey never ends.  My perspective is that it will only end the day we take our last breath. 
  7. The journey is worth it.  At Kaibizzen our philosophy is that your business is the tool to give you’re the lifestyle you truly want.  The more you work on yourself, the more you be and the more you do, they greater results you will see.   

As I said at the beginning, becoming your best self is critical to business ownership, but only if you want a business that affords you the time flexibility and the financial rewards to live your life on your own terms. If you’d like to know more about how Rob and I could support you in your journey to uncovering your best self in order to get the most out of your business, reach out. We’re here to help you achieve the business and life you deserve for you and your family. 

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