The Kaibizzen approach

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  • Sep 05, 2023
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Faye and Rob Caughey founded Kaibizzen with a clear goal in mind – to help business owners achieve the lifestyle they really want.

Whether that involves cultivating a productive team, streamlining procedures and processes, or strategising a long-term financial plan, Kaibizzen is dedicated to enabling their clients to effectively run their business with clear goals in mind, rather than having it run them.

Practicing what they preach, Faye and Rob enjoy their own ideal lifestyle where they can do the work they love while living they’ve always aspired to.

From spending time with their children and grandchildren to working on their family farm, they’ve created a high-performing coaching business where they can leverage their decades of experience to help others to have the same balance…

And for business owners who are prepared to put in the effort, it works.

Kaibizzen takes a focused approach to coaching and has worked one-on-one with 50 clients since 2019.

With an innate focus on making their clients’ business work for them, Kaibizzen partners with most clients over about two years, with their longest-term client on-board for eight years!

And the results speak for themselves…

It was announced at Kaibizzen’s 2022 awards night that one of their dedicated clients achieved a massive 400 per cent increase in revenue and 960 per cent increase in net profit!

FUN FACT: Like Rob and Faye, many Kaibizzen clients are also married couples.

The Kaibizzen approach

Kaibizzen’s mission is to deliver absolute clarity about what you really want to achieve in life and to provide a safe and guided environment which allows you to fulfil your ultimate lifestyle goals.

Working with business owners turning over more than $1 million annually, it is with seasoned knowledge that Kaibizzen delivers coaching methods that leverage your best cash generating vehicle for personal freedom – your business.

The key outcome is a carefully curated and customised plan which is as unique as you, enabling you to grow your business, amplify your investments and finally, realise your ultimate position of choice lifestyle and exit strategy.

A process completed in five steps, Kaibizzen constructs a pathway for your lifestyle success which starts and ends with you. You can read more about it here.

At Kaibizzen, our difference is that we work from the inside, out. Why? Because your business starts with you. To learn more about the work we do, take a look at some of our client success stories here.

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