Client Success

We’re now kicking goals and meeting targets, and actually with less staff than when we started with Kaibizzen. The business is running smoother, clearer and more dependably. We can see light at the end of the tunnel where before that light just kept moving further away.
Steven Rapley, Kitchen Crew
My business is performing better than I ever thought possible, is more profitable than I ever thought possible, and actually, more enjoyable than I ever thought possible. I was at near breaking point trying to manage 55 staff, but now my team are doing what they’re meant to do and I have more time for me and my family.
Natalie Kington, Laser Clinics Australia (Carindale Garden City Chermside)
We’re having our biggest months ever. The team’s working better and getting through jobs more efficiently. The best part is Glenn and I are on the same page again. I just love that.
Chris Coleman, Merri Aluminium & Auto Doors
The game-changer was knowing exactly how much net profit my business has to produce so that I can achieve everything I want – for myself and my family. Before, I was questioning my ability, but now I have absolute certainty in myself and my team to make it happen.
Tom Freer, Wyntec
Kaibizzen for me is your secret weapon … Your business will just start to speed up and it’s gonna snowball. And your time that gets freed up is gonna snowball. Your cash-flow should snowball.
Luke Fletcher, Vantage Point Roofing
Now, I’ve got a lot more options because I’ve got my time back. I’m able to take the first mid-year holiday that I’ve taken in years. Also, in the first six months working with Kaibizzen, I increased the profit in my business by two and a half times!
Ryan Gray, Argonyx Marketing
[Now] our growth plan is nailed to what we need to do to specifics. … So that’s been an outcome where we’ve got a process in place now where we can move into the next year with a lot more potential, enthusiasm, and optimism.
James Stewart, Becker Pumps
We’ve got three partners in our business and anytime you get that sort of scenario it becomes a bit challenging … Kaibizzen helped us establish how we should be structured from an organisational point of view. It’s not only been a great personal growth experience, it’s been excellent from a business growth experience as well.
Mark Jackson, Coverforce 3LP
Kaibizzen want to intimately know how your business works and then they work from there to do a plan for you that’s going to work for your business. It’s not like an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all approach. It’s tailored to your business and therefore it works.
Patrick Navin, Iolar Group

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