Make your business work for you

Transforming Business.

Transforming Lives.

Backed by almost two decades of guiding business owners to live the life they truly want, Kaibizzen believes in making your business work for you rather than you working for your business.

With carefully curated coaching programs, Kaibizzen’s five-step clarity coaching is tailored to individual business owners, delivering the right tools to grow your business, amplify your investments and finally, realise your ultimate position of choice lifestyle and exit strategy.

Led by partners in business and marriage, Faye and Rob Caughey, Kaibizzen understands the unique challenges that fuse between personal and professional life and have a longstanding track record of outcome success from the Sunshine Coast to Singapore.

Working with companies achieving annual turnover of over $1 million, Kaibizzen is a trusted business coaching and mentoring practice with proven results across industries including construction, manufacturing, technology, communications, insurance, waste management and more.

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Why Kaibizzen?

Lauren and her husband have worked with Kaibizzen to turn a highly stressful working environment into a personally and professionally rewarding and successful business environment.

“One of the biggest achievements would definitely be the clarity we’ve received as a business.”

Lauren Lowe, Future Fitouts

From being spread too thin across multiple businesses, to finding focus and clarity, Braden’s journey with Kaibizzen has delivered a new work/life balance that ticks all the boxes.

“Working with Rob and Faye has helped me become the person I am today.”

Braden Corfield, Sonto

Since working with Kaibizzen, Kelly and her husband have moved their business into a new commercial premises, taken on eight new staff and are reaching growth they never thought achievable.

“The combined dynamic of Kaibizzen, with Rob helping on personal development and Faye on the business side, both of them together can help your business be in a place that you can’t imagine right now, but also can help you personally get to a place you never thought was possible.”

Kelly McKee, Kolda Refrigeration