About Kaibizzen

Founded by Faye and Rob Caughey, Kaibizzen is a high-performance business coaching practice which specialises in helping highly-motivated, performance-focused business owners live the life they truly want.

Kaibizzen is renown for their two signature business coaching programs, The PPP Method™ and Married in Business™.

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The PPP Method™
Married in Business™

Our Clients Say It Best

If I had to encapsulate the results of working with Kaibizzen, I’d say it’s removing your limitations and growing your beliefs to a point where you are effectively running businesses that are performing better than you ever thought possible, are more profitable than you ever thought possible, and actually, more enjoyable than you ever thought possible.

Natalie Kington, Laser Clinics Australia (Carindale Garden City Chermside)

Being married to her business partner meant that the stress of work never left Chris. Her relationship with her husband was at an all-time low as each of them struggled with the challenges of business.

After working with Faye & Rob Caughey, in only a few months, Chris has turned not only the business, but her relationship with her husband as well.

Chris Coleman, Merri Aluminium & Auto Doors

Our Mission: To champion the hopes and dreams of business owners.
We transform lives by transforming businesses.

We stand for:

  • You believing you are worthy of living the life you want
  • Your development using reality checks and having tough conversations
  • Your trust by being transparent and honest in our approach

We believe:

  • That you are ready to make a difference in your life
  • That financial freedom is the only way to live a life that’s truly free.
  • That your business is the best tool you have to create financial freedom and live the life you truly want.

Faye Caughey

Founder/Director, CEO, Clarity Coach

Business Highlights:

  • Has grown and sold 2 small businesses for many hundreds of percentage increase of original investment
  • Coaching business leaders for over 16 years
  • Progressed from sole practitioner to business owner transitioned to only working in the business on things that gives her life meaning and purpose
Over 30 years in business, Faye has experienced first-hand 99 per cent of the challenges business owners face. She has learned a lot from her own mistakes and those of others. Faye’s strength is being able to objectively observe the way a business is being run, see more effective and more leveraged ways of doing things and then mentor business owners on their new path to success.
As a founding partner and CEO of Kaibizzen, she is passionate about helping business owners do exactly what needs to be done in order for them to live their Position of Choice Lifestyle.

As a Business Coach for small businesses, Faye’s extensive experience tells her that each business is unique and every business owner is dealing with their own set of personal challenges.
Therefore, for a business owner to achieve their idea of success in the shortest possible timeframe, an outcome-focused, time-bounded plan, specific to the business owner’s business and lifestyle objectives must be developed and executed.

Her role as Kaibizzen’s Clarity and Business Coach is to:

  • Help clients reverse-engineer their business from the Business Owner’s personal lifestyle goals to know exactly how much they need to be drawing from the business in order to achieve them.
  • Set the business strategy, tailored specifically to the business, in order to achieve the goals in the shortest possible timeframe.
  • Prioritise the business outcomes for the quarter
  • Hold clients accountable to achieving their quarterly outcomes


  • Master of Business Administration (HRM)
  • Certificate IV Workplace Trainer and Assessor
  • Accredited to administer DISC
  • Accredited to administer Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Rob Caughey

Peak Performance Coach

Career Highlights

  • Progressed from diesel fitter to trade training, to senior management, to MBA and then owning and running multiple businesses
  • 25+ years studying under the world’s pre-eminent human behavioural scientists
  • Developed a process for accurately uncovering a person’s true life priorities so anyone can live a life of true purpose and meaning.

With a passion for assisting determined business owners, CEOs, managers, line managers and individuals to become their best in their chosen field, Rob Caughey joined forces with his wife Faye to launch Kaizen Coaching Queensland and in 2012 Kaibizzen.

This passion has resulted in Rob insightfully grasping the art of facilitating his clients to identify their existing success “framework” which more than anything gives them an insight into why they are achieving the results they are currently getting. He shows them what they must do differently and who they must become to achieve different results. He provides the relevant coaching and guidance needed to bridge the gap between their current situation to their desired outcome and results. Rob ultimately shares his practical experience, wisdom and perspective and provides the opportunity for your clients to gain clarity and mastery in all aspects of business and life.

Rob believes to achieve our full potential in all aspects of our life we must continue to learn, apply those learnings and then ultimately teach those learnings to others. He has demonstrated this throughout his career and education from tradesperson to senior management, consultant, university student, business owner and more recently studying under some of the world’s leading behavioural scientists. Rob continues to study human behaviour, mindset and how it affects our success and achievement. The more he learns the greater his desire to teach others to allow them to become what they really want to become.


  • Master of Business Administration (HRM)
  • Certificate III Workplace Trainer and Assessor
  • Accredited to administer DISC
  • Trained DeMartini Method facilitator

Here’s How We Help

  • Simple, Powerful, Results
  • Full access to expert specialist coaching
  • Get your business back to peak performance and your team working to their full capabilities
  • Your coaching is tailored to your business


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