Sep 15, 2021

What is micromanagement?

Micromanagement is very subjective, found somewhere in the grey area between one person’s perception of support and interaction (usually the micromanager) and the others’ perspective of … READ MORE
Sep 13, 2021

The 3 Reasons Your Employees Don’t Do What You Ask (and what to do about it)

Does it seem like no matter how many times you’ve asked, things still aren’t being done? In this blog, we’ll walk you through a real-world example and suggest … READ MORE
Aug 31, 2021

The New Way To Business Plan

Why is it that goal-setting and planning rarely seem to work in the long term?  How many times have you lost the same 5 or 6 … READ MORE
Aug 24, 2021

The new way of planning – Reverse engineer to set targets

I’ve worked with businesses of all sizes during my 35 years of executive coaching and have been involved in their ‘business planning’.  I’ve seen some businesses … READ MORE
Aug 17, 2021

Reverse engineer to determine activity

About 10 years ago I was vexed by the seemingly inconsistent success of goal setting through the business coaching industry. Why was it that some business … READ MORE
Aug 09, 2021

The new way of planning – Begin with the end in mind

As a business coach, I find it ironic that it’s the modern piece of technology in all latest model vehicles that best teaches the principle of … READ MORE
Jul 01, 2021

Happy New Financial Year

As a business owner, I love this time of year.  I find it a great opportunity to reflect on the year that’s been and plan for … READ MORE
Jun 22, 2021

Three Behaviours of Effective Leaders

My husband Rob and I are very passionate about business owners having a business that is working hard for them, rather than them working very hard … READ MORE


  • The economic landscape has radically shifted
  • To thrive, you must run a high-performance team
  • Assess your current team in the areas critical for high-performance
  • Create your strategy for a high-performance team

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