May 20, 2021

How to have a culture of accountability

It is my firm belief that the vast majority of people come to work to do the right thing by your business, you, their boss, and … READ MORE
May 13, 2021

How To Handle Workplace Conflict

Once upon a time a Mullah (a Muslim religious leader) was on his way Mecca on his camel. Coming to an oasis he saw three men … READ MORE
May 07, 2021

Thank You All Mothers

This Sunday, May 9, is “Mother’s Day”. A day where we take a moment to appreciate our mothers and mother-figures and thank them for everything they … READ MORE
Apr 29, 2021

Leadership in Uncertain times

Perhaps one of the greatest examples of leadership in uncertain times in the 20th century, is Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi was born in 1869, when India was … READ MORE
Apr 20, 2021

Lessons Of Sacrifice And Courage: Lest We Forget

On the dawn of the 25th April 1915, the Australian and New Zealand forces entered the frontline battle for its allies against the enemy of the … READ MORE
Apr 14, 2021

Can anyone be a business owner?

I love any questions that starts with the word “can”. My reason is encapsulated in this cartoon: If you are a parent or a grandparent, I’m … READ MORE
Apr 07, 2021

Why You Are In Business

As a business owner, have you ever asked yourself this question… “Why the hell am I still doing this?” For nearly 18 years as coaches and … READ MORE
Apr 01, 2021

Happy Easter

For many people Easter is the essence and foundation of their faith. For others it represents time with family. For many it is a welcome 4-day … READ MORE


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  • To thrive, you must run a high-performance team
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