Jun 03, 2020

Your Best Self Is Best For Business

“As a business owner, why is being my best self important?” you might ask.   For many, our best self might sound like a luxury rather than a necessity. A new-age fad for those with … READ MORE
May 27, 2020

The Question EVERY Client Asks Me

Just this past week, I was running a workshop with one of our client’s management team.    We were discussing the mindset required to shift from thinking “sales” to “solutions providers” -identifying … READ MORE
May 20, 2020

Are You A Micromanager?

“I’m sick and tired of everyone leaving their dishes in the sink!   We’ve got a roster for doing the washing up, but everyone just keeps leaving their bloody … READ MORE
May 12, 2020

Ready… Steady… Go!

I’m sure you have vivid memories from your childhood of lining up for a race with your friends.    In my case, my earliest friends were my cousins.   We would line up and someone would yell, “Ready… Steady… GO!”.  Off we’d dash to determine … READ MORE
May 06, 2020

The Honour ALL Mothers Deserve

This Sunday, May 10, is “Mother’s Day”. A day where we take a moment to celebrate and appreciate our mothers and mother-figures.  Whilst the origins of honouring motherhood is … READ MORE
Apr 30, 2020

Confronting Reality Is The Key To Success

As a teenager I have a vivid memory of walking into someone’s house and being drawn to a painting on their hallway wall.  I’ve never seen that … READ MORE
Apr 22, 2020

Lest We Forget: The Lessons We Must Learn From War

On the 25th April 1915, Australian and New Zealand forces entered the front line battle for its allies against the enemy of the 1st World War.  Casualties were … READ MORE
Apr 14, 2020

The 4 Most Important Investments To Make Right Now

These times certainly are unprecedented.  For me, I find that exciting, because it means the opportunities are also unprecedented.   Tomorrow has never been guaranteed for any of … READ MORE


  • The economic landscape has radically shifted
  • To thrive, you must run a high-performance team
  • Assess your current team in the areas critical for high-performance
  • Create your strategy for a high-performance team

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02 Oct

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